Viano Michele

Our History


Through the sand and steep hills of Roero, which has always been considered the cradle of great wines, you will find the winery Viano Michele: for over three generations it has engaged in the continuous quest for the best quality results in the vineyard and winery.

Before Viano Michele, the current owner, two other predecessors have initiated and developed the culture of the vineyard and wine: Gallo Michele (maternal grandfather) and Viano Carlo (Dad).

Today, as well as in the past generations the company has wonderfully and successfully engaged in the production of high quality Langhe and Roero.

In the village of Vezza d’Alba in the heart of the Roero country, where the hills are majestically stretching towards the sun, there are the wineries of the company that historically fosters the traditional vineyards of the area: Arneis, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo that mature and refine in the premises of the winery.

Tradition and innovation; historical authenticity and modern technology characterize its production in full respect of nature and man.

The use of modern technologies in the cellar and the care with which all stages of the production process are run, from grape ripening to the best selection of the grapes and wines, lead to high quality standards and offer to the final consumers and enthusiasts a complete selection of the best wines of Piedmont.